Places to see in Miami: Miami travel guide

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Miami is a city that will not leave anyone indifferent: luxury hotels in Miami,Miami restaurants with the best service, exciting Miami night clubs – you are still in doubt? Then you should know about the attractions of Miami and all doubts will disappear!

     Arriving in Miami know, that here always possible to find something to do: sightseeing, relax on Miami beaches, enjoy a tasty meal or go to a party. If you’re hungry after a busy daytime and want to go to the restaurants in Miami, be prepared to that fact that here start supper late, not earlier than 9 pm. About this magnificent city, you can say: «Miami never sleeps». Miami nightlife will impress actually the most avid fans of such entertainments. One of Miami clubs, is famous because everything there created from ice, such a spectacle will not remain you indifferent!

     Certainly, there are many Miami attractions which are worth to see. But in spite of this neighborhood well-known city are not less expressive, there is also many places to see and where to spend time with pleasure. So every Miami vacation guide will not be detailed without telling about Everglades, which is situated in its surroundings. This National Park is World Heritage Site. It includes swamps, jungles and prairies. There live some disappearing varieties of animals, including manatees, American crocodile, Florida panther. An exciting adventure can be a safari across crocodile swamps.

     Also worth to visit Key West. It is interesting that so named the two objects at the same time: the island and the city. The last is the most southern place in the USA, here the air temperature never drops below 0 °C. In this city there house of Ernest Hemingway in which he existed, and cats with six-toes. The city has fort and observation point of the Civil War. The island is connected with the neighboring island eleven kilometer long bridge called «Seven Mile Bridge».

     Lovers of the marine life should travel to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, the greater part of which is under water. Here you will be able to do any activity related to water: diving, snorkeling, traveling by canoe or boat. This attraction is famous for underwater statue entitled «Christ of the Abyss», tropical pisces, coral reefs. The figure is located at depth of 9 m and is therefore not only experienced divers, but everyone can see it.

     In conclusion, it is worth noting that people which will travel to Miami and its surroundings will pleasantly surprise. As find yourself in this beautiful town, you will not have to wonder: «What to do in Miami». Attractions and Miami events will be everywhere, and will only have to choose which of them to honor your attention.

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