Road trips and itineraries: what to do in Miami?

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    Miami is a town of heavenly beaches, impressive buildings, numerous shops and nightclubs – here you will not be bored!

      If for traveling you decide to rent a car, then definitely you should choose a trip convertible by the ocean: the combination of a warm climate and blowing by wind will make your trip unforgettable.

     The best way to make the journey to Miami fascinating – is to combine voyage to various parks, beaches with visiting architectural landmarks.
Located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Miami is renowned for its beaches. Comfortable air temperature all year round, fine sand, clear, warm water – it is a magnificent place for a rest on shore. Miami Beach and South Beach not accidental are preferred by well-known people. Magnificence of environment is evident – here most commonly shoot advertising rollers about Miami.

     There are a lot of places to See in Miami, but among the parks unquestionably worth to make a trip to Biscayne National Park and Park of fruits and spices. Biscayne National Park is set within Bay of Biscay. Entertainments in the Park will satisfy followers of active recreation – snorkeling, fishing, hiking and camping on Speight Highway – the trail, which is a kind of a tunnel through the rainforest.

     Park of fruits and spices is situated not far from the Miami. Nearly 500 varieties of fruit plants, spices and nuts grow there. Visitors may gather fallen fruits on the ground, pluck fruits from the trees is prohibited. In the park some plants have poisonous fruits, they are fenced for security.

     From the architectural objects are worth to visit the Maiami Freedom Tower and Maiami Tower. Among the city’s skyscrapers on height Miami Tower in eighth place. Three-storey building with 47 floors rise to a height of 190 meters. This Tourist Attractions in Miami is quite spectacular. Most of all Tower is remembered by its nighttime illumination, which has a lot of color variations, changing in honor of certain holidays and events.
Freedom Tower (Maiami) is a 14-storey building with a dome, located at a height of 78 meters. It accommodates lighthouse illuminating nearby areas and the Biscayne too. From within the tower is decorated with various frescoes.

     In order to journey through Miami was an unforgettable adventure full of pleasant impressions it is worth to rent a car. Journey on convertible will allow you comfortably visit all the interesting places and spend as much time there as you wish!

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